Enterprise Search

product-enterprise-searchintergator is an enterprise search solution that makes sure that you quickly and easily access information within your company. Whether it’s about content on file servers, databases, archives, DMS (data management systems) or emails, intergator looks at all these sources of information at the same time and delivers the expected results within a few seconds (according to the access rights).

The search function can be flexibly adapted to your needs and integrated into various applications.

Selected search functions

  • Social Search (Bookmarking, Tagging)
  • Saved Search
  • Thumbnails and date selection
  • Metadata facets (Filter & Grouping)
  • Categories for doument types and columns
  • Dynamic Tag Cloud
  • Hits-categorie-templates
  • Automatic keywording
  • Search suggestions & correction
  • Search statistics
  • Correction of typos “Did you mean?”
  • Synonym searrch
  • Dynamic groupig of results
  • Geo-Proximity Search: Search of documents within a geo- coordinate ( GPS location, zip code ,address )
  • Flexible document processing chain
  • Index-based filtering of rights
  • Innovative presentation of search results (lists, tables and grid)
  • translitration

intergator solutions at a glance: intergator datasheet [319 kB]